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The 2021 Overhaul is Here!

As of August 22nd, 2021 We have completed a full infrastructure update to ensure the very best possible service, security, emergency response, and network performance. The following has been implemented: Improved DNS Service increasing query speed, reliability and response time. Upgraded Email Service with increase security, spoofing ... Read More »

22nd Aug 2021
100% Annual Uptime and Remote Management Upgrades

We are now celebrating a full year of 100.00% Network Availability Uptime!while we strive for this each year at times providers and 3rd party suppliers do cause network interruptions for any number of reasons.  The introduction of our new BGP braided fiber connections last year has protected us from these 3rd party interruptions and lead us to ... Read More »

8th May 2020
Network Upgrades, Sept 2019

We have spent the last 30 days completely re-configuring our network to reduce latency and increase our already robust availability.Septmeber also marks our second consecutive year without any global network downtime whatsoever, a trend we are working hard to extend. This month's upgrades include: The addition of a tertiary fiber provider, ... Read More »

22nd Aug 2019
Thank you for choosing Secure Foundations!

Welcome to Secure Foundations! You have made a great choice and we want to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. In Business for over 15 years, Secure Foundations is now in the process of an extreme overhaul of it's services.You will of course retain the exceptional quality and personalized customer support which many of you have ... Read More »

11th Oct 2018